Nick Ingenito


Head coach at Jiu Jitsu One, Nick Ingenito has a background in traditional martial arts, boxing, MMA, and has been doing jiu-jitsu for 13 years. Nick started his Jiu Jitsu career with only no gi training under the tutelage of Jeff Miller. After training alongside many future UFC stars at this time, Nick moved and found a home at Baltimore BJJ. Heavily involved in their no gi and MMA program, Nick often competed at the advanced/expert level and placed or won more often than not. After suffering some injuries, time off from the sport, and moving again, he finally put on the gi and started training under Daniel Beleza. Here is where Nick earned all of his belts and placed or won tournaments at blue and purple belt (including no gi pans at purple belt).


Now a brown belt, Nick has decided to fulfill one of his childhood dreams of opening a martial arts school. After earning a nursing degree and owning/operating a personal training studio for the last eight years, he has shown he knows how to be successful in his endeavors. He is committed to making Jiu-Jitsu One the best training experience possible for all of his students.

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